Grand action wrapping

The following pictures illustrate a method of wrapping grand actions for safe transport. This is based on a method David Stanwood showed me some years ago.

With the action tightly wrapped this way I can carry most actions under one arm while using the other to support some of the weight. You can feel and grab the rails and stiles of the action frame through the mover’s pad, using them as handles as necessary. I have a heavy-duty folding hand truck if I have any distance to cover getting to the car. Once back in the shop I know it’s safe until I’m ready to start working on it, and actions can be stacked one atop another to save space.

Here’s my procedure –

Lay a length of 1 1/2″ or so PVC on top of the shanks. It should overhang the ends of the action by an inch or so on each side. This will help to protect the end shanks from damage to center pinning.

Next lay a piece of 1/2″ plywood about 4″ wide on top of the hammers & PVC. It’s not absolutely necessary that it cover all 88 hammers.

Carefully wrap the action in a movers blanket, folding the ends over and secure with large elastic bands. Then wrap tightly with stretch wrap. The truck I use is from Tyke Supply. It’s a bit heavy at 27 lbs, but the large pneumatic tires allow rolling over rough ground.