Basic Home Service

A basic service appointment lasts approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours and consists of tuning, minor pitch corrections, and inspection of the action and pedals for proper function. For pianos that are highly and regularly maintained, minor voicing and regulation may also be included.

Full Service

This is much more comprehensive than Basic Service, and includes cleaning, lubricating, hammer reshaping, action regulating, and voicing. This service is often necessary on neglected pianos and is required periodically to maintain an instrument at peak performance.

Humidity Control

Pianos, being mostly made of wood, are highly susceptible to changes in the relative humidity of their surroundings. Here in New Hampshire, about the only time that our indoor environment is not changing is in the depth of Winter, when most pianos are dangerously dry. Since the pitch and tuning stability of a piano is directly related to the moisture content of the wood from which it is made, tunings really only last until the weather changes, which is all the time! Furthermore, maintaining a consistent humidity level is laborious and expensive. A piano life-saver humidity control system  can go a long way to improving tuning stability by creating a micro-environment inside the piano that stays much closer to the ideal. They’re inexpensive to operate, costing on average less than burning a single low-wattage light bulb. There are no dehumidifying tanks that need to be periodically emptied, and during the dry season only need watering every week or two – less at other times of the year. Watering is easy with the included watering can, and takes only a minute.

Contact Mark to find out about having a Piano Life Saver system installed in your piano.